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About Your Right Hand Design & Graphics


Your Right Hand was created with the small business in mind. Specifically for a few friends who had small businesses and a multitude of different needs that weren't being met. Specialists would come in and provide them with a service but when they were done, there were still questions and loose ends. They also weren't being served by hiring temporary office help. In fact what my friends most wanted, was to have someone really listen to them speak about their business and most importantly, grasp the way they like to work. They needed someone who could fulfill their needs in a way that they could both understand and maintain.


Creative thinking, web and print design, problem solving, research and observation. These are the skills that I have and I'm always looking to expand on them. I love to dive into a new challenge. What I provide is something that you won't get by hiring a team of experts from different companies; continuity and peace of mind.


About Katie Sanborn


I grew up surrounded by music and Mom's good cooking. She took me to Austria for a year when I was 10 and we traveled across the U.S. in a VW Bug in my teens. My own interests have led me in different directions and I thrive on the variety that life offers. I also value continuity and strive to build structure from things that don't always appear to make sense. I am a naturally curious person and I like to know how things work. It's my nature to take what I have on hand and see what I can create from it.


My working life began at age thirteen and I have come away from every job with fresh knowledge. I have always taken pride in my work whether it was shelving books at the library, driving an auto parts truck or waitressing. I learned a great deal in my 12 years as the self proclaimed "Yarn Goddess" of Fashion Avenue Knits, a junior sweater manufacturer in NYC's garment center. Small businesses are a vital part of our economy and our every day lives. I want to do my part to keep us strong, independent and creative.